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About Us

HOUSTON BROAD BASED COMMUNITY CENTER will feature an “accommodating, hands-on” style of management philosophy starting with the Founder & Chairman, Attorney Wayman L. Prince; and continuing throughout the organizational structure.

Attorney Wayman L. Prince is both an attorney and a financial planner, ChFc, CLU, and FLMI. He has Forty (40) years of legal experience as an attorney practicing in the areas of civil litigation (state and federal court) in personal injury, medical, employment, labor, real estate, family law, real estate liens, collections, foreclosures, and criminal litigation in misdemeanors and felonies.

These characteristics of Founder & Chairman Attorney Wayman L. Prince exemplify the ambition and leadership qualities of HOUSTON BROAD BASED COMMUNITY CENTER.

The Board of Directors consists of Community Leaders: President – Hussain Zaffer, Vice-Presidents – Lee Canalito and Jasmeeta Singh, Treasurer – Malla Mekala, Secretary – Adela Ascencio, Board of Director- Willie Savannah.


The cliché phrase is very true, “Show me your young people, and I will show you your future”. As the youth of our society unfolds, we will either progress or digress in our current society.

The target group is the young people between the ages eight to eighteen (8 to 1 8) since strong evidence indicates that an activity like boxing may be able to attract and retain those most likely to behave anti-socially and prevent them from seeking excitement by joining gangs, doing drugs, street fighting or prematurely dropping out of school.

Projects should be age-specific with appropriately designated activities for young women as well as young men. Any activity should take into account cultural and ethnic backgrounds. For instance, the explosion in boxing for both sexes is due to international exposure outside the United States. Any project must balance activities that bring different groups and individuals together with those interests that meet the needs of the individual and the group.

The “win-win” situation for the Houston, Harris County, Texas community will be an exemplary program lasting for generations with the youth of today giving back to the community well into their future and their grandchildren’s futures.



The Houston population exceeds 2.5 million people with it being part of Harris County that has a population of over 5.0 million.

With the Houston area consisting of over six hundred (600) square miles and Harris County stretching over nine hundred (900) square miles, there is a need for a central location to deliver minority, disadvantaged youth and troubled adult services to the “targeted population”.

The critical areas of skill development for the “targeted population” are educational, family, spiritual and basic social interaction. The staff will emphasize all areas of cultural development but these four (4) core areas are fundamental to the success of the program. The students are expected to learn by doing and participating in the art of boxing, group reading, group learning, and group interaction.


Each student, regardless of age, is expected to continue their education through a formal institution in the Houston area. From elementary school, middle school, high school, charter school or college, the learning process will continue for these students.

The educational discipline is the cornerstone to the foundation for success and retention of all students in their educational field will be closely monitored.

With the home environment of a limited number of students, each participant will interact with one another through daily communication. Each participant will have access to staff personnel.


The “boxing” program will be competitive for troubled offenders and Foster homes for troubled youth, and disadvantaged youth. The number of applicants will be initially limited and services offered will all vary with each youth. As a result, each youth will receive individual attention.

Our program will start small and grow as the organization enhances its ability to successfully have each person complete the program. Initially, ten (I0) to thirteen (13) students will be in the program which will allow the staff to dedicate plenty of individual attention.



The building for the facility is a Five Thousand (5,000) square foot facility in Central Houston located at 3570 Noah Street, Houston, Texas 77021, with a large gym for boxing training. The development of the facility will include Offices for Administration, Instruction and Guidance. The total building is Fifteen Thousand (15,000) square feet. There are plenty of safeguard in the building and the youths are well protected.




Since this program does not generate income from the student or participant, the source of funding starts with the donors. As of 501 (c)(3) Organization, the tax exempt status allows for Houston Broad Based Community Center to seek funding through grants, Individual Donors, and Corporate Donors. The goal is to solicit funding sources from One Hundred (100) Corporate Donors, from One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) to One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00). The Organization is seeking Donors voluntarily all year round.

As a result, the initial funding is critical to accommodate students. As a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation, HOUSTON BROAD BASED COMMUNITY CENTER will have total transparency pertaining to Books and Records.