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This is a great opportunity for the troubled Youth, to learn the skills of personality development through this program. We rehabilitate the Youth; focus on the skills required by an individual by working on a One-On-One basis that would make them successful and be a productive member of the society, as to being out there committing delinquent crimes.

Boxing: Boxing has character- building qualities unequaled by most other sports,
Fostering physical and emotional skills that most Youth lack today, such as… Anger Management, Self- Confidence, Courage, Stamina, Dignity, Self-Control, Fitness……… and the list go on.
It’s a Thinker’s activity which trains the mind to stay focused and problem solve.

The longevity of HOUSTON BROAD BASED COMMUNITY CENTER will be Contingent on substantial governmental and private donors. As an IRS 501 (c)(3) Organization, founded in 2003, the organization cannot profit dollar ($) for dollar ($); however, funds are invested in the programs. The NET RETURN is a better future for the Youth and the Community.

Thanks for your interest in Punch 123. We’d love to hear from you! 


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